About me

Ceramic art for home and garden

I work with several types of clay: fine to coarse chamotte. Generally white clay. The objects are build up from little rolls. Therefore they are firm of structure and are mostly suited to stay in the garden whole year round, but of course they also look great in a spacey room. All my work is for sale. Please contact me if you want to know the prises.

Working method

The pieces of work are mostly being glazed with a transparent glaze layer because I like to keep the impact of the natural material. The subjects are generally chosen close to nature and can be described as organic. The design can define you as semi-abstract and the work can be an emotion, or a movement. My aim is always that it is no static piece of work but that you can always find dynamic movement. Because of that movement the object constantly changes from every point of view.

Working time

The average time I need to complete an object is 4 to 5 weeks. This includes the firing and glazing. Look at My work to see some of my objects.